Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's No Such Thing As Pedophilia

The idiot Vatican is saying that it's only the homosexual priests who are pedophiles and then not even as much as regular people. Once again I have to point out WHAT ABOUT ALL THE GIRLS WHO GET MOLESTED BY PRIESTS???? DON"T THEY COUNT???? Okay, but besides that, there's NO SUCH THING AS PEDOPHILIA. It's just a made up disease to excuse bad behavior. People who rape adults aren't called adultaphiles. People who steal other people's stuff aren't call theftophiles. People who murder aren't called murdophiles.

We ALL want to do things that we can't do because it's illegal or it would hurt someone else. So mostly we don't do those things. And when we do, we're the asshole and not the victim! Wanting to do it is not a crime. It's not even abnormal (given how many children are preyed on by adults - mostly their own relatives (according to the FBI and my fellow girl scouts), so we should stop talking about it like it's some shameful disease and just admit that children are attractive to a LOT of people (mostly men), or maybe we're just smaller and can't get away as easily, or no one will believe us, or we're already stuck in your house, or it's easier to threaten to kill us if we talk and have us believe you.

But we have a right NOT to be groped and raped by jerks who care more about themselves than about us. Children who get raped don't always turn out so good, so if you can't control yourself for the sake of the children, then you better watch your back if you ever end up in prison (remember Father Geoghan?)

Meanwhile, stop calling it a disease and pretending people just need therapy . They need to be put somewhere where they don't have access to their chosen sex objects (though we prefer to think of ourselves as PEOPLE), or better yet - send them to me and my gang. We'll take care of the "illness" with a raging case of "beat-the-crap-out-of-you-philia."


Tom said...

I've been feeling a lot of beat-the-crap-out-of-you-philia towards the pope and his bishops lately.

Anonymous said...

I really like this post. It is so true of society today, to slap a name on something they don't know what to do with. Then let's get them a prescription and it will be all better...I like the way you call it as you see it.